Add a station to the RadioDNS lookup table

Not a DNS guru?

If the stuff below looks too complicated, don’t panic. We’re very happy to help: just email and let us know you want to add your stations to the RadioDNS lookup table. One of our team will take you through the process within seven days.

You need to give us the RadioDNS entries for your broadcasts, as detailed in the main RadioDNS documentation, and in the format of a .zone file. You can download a sample .zone file from here.

The .zone file lists the links between your broadcast information and your Authoritative Fully Qualified Domain Name (Authoritative FQDN). If you own a number of stations, you can link all of your stations to the same FQDN if you wish.

As an example, Capital Radio in London (owned by Global Radio), which broadcasts on FM and DAB, would have three lines.

0.c586.c185.ce1.dab  IN  CNAME IN CNAME IN CNAME

The first line describes the DAB details (service component id, service id, ensemble id, country code), and the following two describe FM radio (frequency, RDS PI code, country code or ECC code). The stations are linked to the corporate domain. (The domain your stations are linked to is not displayed to listeners as part of the RadioDNS process, so it doesn’t matter if it’s the brand name or not).

Note that the Authoritative FQDN must end with a full stop . character.

You need to have an appropriate SRV record on your Authoritative FQDN

Your Authoritative Fully Qualified Domain Name is the domain name against which you have your SRV records attached, which specify where each application (such as RadioVIS, RadioEPG etc.) is served from.

To continue the above example, which links the broadcasts with the FQDN of, you would need to add SRV records to like this:
priority = 0
weight = 100
port = 61613
svr hostname =

This directs the client to connect to on port 61613 where it will get a STOMP connection for RadioVIS.

Your DNS hosting company (usually the people you have registered you domain with) will tell you how you can add SRV records to your existing domain. It may be possible through their usual domain management tools, or they may require you to raise a support ticket for it to be done manually.

As an example, all of Global Radio’s SRV records and stations (including Capital FM) are currently linked to (The example of Capital FM, while technically correct, is therefore not used in practice).

It is not required, but highly recommended, to set up the Authoritative FQDN and SRV record(s) prior to contacting us. RadioDNS will return an NX (Domain Not Found) error if your Authoritative FQDN is not correctly set up, and this NX response is cached by all intermediate name servers, which can slow down propagation of the updates.

We need this request sent from a representative at the radio station itself, from a recognised email address for the radio station

RadioDNS can only change information on direct request from the radio station itself, and not on behalf of any third party. This is to ensure that only the broadcaster can change their look-up information.

In practice, this means that the broadcaster just needs to forward any request from a third party to us.

A complete trust model will be constructed, which will require robust verification of the requesting party by the relevant broadcast regulator. This is to ensure that requests are legitimate.

How to send us this information

The radio station should email (and not any other direct address).

The RadioDNS team will acknowledge the change via email, within 48 working hours.

It will take new and changed entries up to 24 hours to propagate through the internet’s Domain Name Service.

Important notes

By requesting an entry in’s lookup table, the radio station or broadcaster will appear in the RadioDNS supporters list unless specifically requested otherwise. Supporters have an interest in the RadioDNS project, and are supportive of the overall project aims; but appearance on this list is not a definitive commitment to launch any services.

Listings are currently free. The RadioDNS Project will charge an annual fee of something like US$10 per station in future. This cost is currently waived.

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