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You can get started with RadioDNS by reading the specifications and coding applications yourself – we’ve kept the technology as simple as possible to enable many broadcasters to self-provision. You’ll also find some open-source software that might help you and your team, and help in our developers’ lists.

But if you’d rather talk to some software solution providers, these are software providers that are producing publicly-available RadioDNS-enabled services.

All In Media

All In Media is a technology company with offices in the UK and Australia. Our market-leading content delivery software and mobile apps enable radio stations around the globe to deliver multimedia, interactive services to their listeners whatever digital platform they’re listening on; from broadcast to mobile apps. If you’re looking to launch RadioVIS, we can get you up and running with our fully-managed hosted solution.

Contact: Chris Gould – – +44 20 7000 3123

Contact: Jason Malure – – +61 2 9209 4182 is a company for IT and Systemtechnik based in Germany.
We work for Radio and TV stations as well as the aerospace and logistics sector delivering R&D prototypes as well as fully developed solutions. RadioVIS and RadioEPG is already integrated in our unique radio streaming multichannel playout-system and in the SaaS service. Our product is the out-of-the-box CDN solution not only for professional broadcasters with high load needs. We deliver via STOMP, COMET/JSONP and Websocket by default and reach every device. Please contact us for hosted and/or customized solutions.
Contact: Matthias Semrau - - +49 421 4850076


The EBU technical provides an experimental RadioVIS server for a simple visualisation service for EBU broadcasters who want to start and experiment with RadioDNS. A content manager application running on Windows is also available to dynamically update the visuals.

Folder Media

We’re a UK-based radio and digital development business. We provide consultancy and systems for lots of radio and media companies, including websites, back-office applications and RadioVIS. We’ve been providing VIS since it launched and can create great content based on your existing systems, enhanced by imagery we’ve created and then get it deployed to radios, websites and mobile apps.

Contact: Matt Deegan – – +44 20 7739 7880

G Media

Revolutionary products for the radio industry. Our services are designed and built for radio people, by radio people. We’re now very excited to offer RadioVIS, backed by our industry famous content management platform.

Contact: Ricki Lee – – +44 20 7060 9090

Contact: Ricki Lee – – +1 877 944 6869


Pluxbox is all about innovation and radio. We will always strive for new ways to broadcast your messages in the most efficient way. Thanks to years of experience in the Radio industry Pluxbox can guarantee stability and top-notch service.

RADIO 2.0  - Turn your listeners into viewers. Easy to manage your visualisations to television, internet stream, RadioVIS, DAB stream and slideshow.

Contact: Cas Adriani - -  +31 (0) 35-7606060


For several years, Vizion’R has been helping radio and television customers achieve their goals of evolving in the dynamic digital sector and in particular, on aspects related to production and publishing rich visual content.

Contact: - +33 1 42 86 94 09

Inclusion on this page
The RadioDNS Project lists any software solution provider who is already offering publicly-available software solutions, and who requests a listing. If you’d like your company listing, please mail us at and remind us who you produce public RadioDNS-enabled services for.

Because RadioDNS is an open project, this is not an exhaustive list of software solutions providers, and we give no guarantee or warranty towards companies we list here. RadioDNS receives no financial benefit from listing these providers.

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