RadioDNS in Australia

Nick Piggott,

RadioDNS was part of a presentation given by James Cridland (BBC) and Nick Piggott (Global Radio) to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Local Radi0 Conference in Canberra.

James and Nick also met representatives of the Australian radio industry, both public service and commercial broadcasters, to explain the RadioDNS project. Feedback was extremely positive, and it looks likely that there will be Australian representation in the project shortly.

The BBC’s Radio Labs discusses RadioDNS

James Cridland,

Nick Piggott and I discuss RadioDNS on the BBC’s Radio Labs blog:

That FM radio in your mobile phone could, if it wanted to, connect to the internet to discover more about what it’s listening to. The DAB radio in that wifi radio you have at home can similarly connect to the web to get lots of information about the current broadcast. And listening to radio on your MP3 player could interact with the internet when it docks to your PC. In short, there are a lot of radio sets hidden within connected devices.

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