Examining: 0.c9ce.c1bd.ce1.dab.radiodns.org

Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Authorative FQDN found: rdns.musicradio.com

Service and Programme Information (SPI)

Service and Programme Information signalled:
 Target: epg.musicradio.com
 Port: 80
According to the specification, the SI file should be at:
SI File exists at the correct location

Visuals (RadioVIS)

Visuals (STOMP) signalled and will be tested:
 Target: vis.musicradio.com
 Port: 61613

Failed to receive a Visuals message.
This server attempts to connect for up to five seconds, and waits for up to 15 for a message once connected.
We tried to connect to topic /topic/dab/ce1/c1bd/c9ce/0/image

Tagging (RadioTAG)

RadioTAG signalled

 Target: tag.musicradio.com
 Port: 80

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