These documents are the current technical specifications for RadioDNS lookup and applications.

Core Lookup

All RadioDNS applications start by using a standardised DNS lookup.

Current Version

Prior Versions


Applications enable specific functionality, and have their own technical specifications.


The functionality defined in the original RadioDNS standards of RadioVIS and RadioPEG has now been integrated into ETSI Standards ‘Slideshow (TS 101 499 v3.1.1) and ‘Service and Programme Information (TS 102 818 v3.1.1)’

All future applications must use these standards in preference to the original versions. Content Providers are encouraged to transition as soon as possible from the old versions to new versions, with an appropriate parallel provision period.

Current Versions

 Prior Versions

Working Drafts


We have a collection of HOWTO documents, which are step-by-step guides to implementing RadioDNS Hybrid Radio functionality.

Technical Presentations

A collection of presentations from technical conferences explaining how to manage RadioDNS Hybrid Radio application systems.


If you need technical support, please post your question on the relevant Discussion Board, or email