RadioDNS Hybrid radio seamlessly combines the strengths of Broadcast radio and the Internet.

Your broadcast signal (FM, HD, DAB, DAB+) continues to carry audio, but a radio with an Internet connection can seamlessly connect back to your station for multimedia and interactivity. It’s an app-like experience of broadcast radio.

Why RadioDNS Hybrid Radio?

Broadcast radio has many advantages – technical, commercial and regulatory.

  • Fixed transmission costs make it very cost-effective for serving large audiences
  • Music royalties are often lower for broadcast services
  • Broadcast spectrum is protected and regulated to ensure good quality of coverage
  • The broadcast ‘dial’ is less competitive and harder for new entrants than Internet streaming
  • There are no gatekeepers controlling listeners’ access to your station
  • But broadcast is only one-direction, without targeting or interactivity

Broadcast is well suited for the mass-market ubiquity of radio.

Mobile Internet is transforming connectivity

  • Reliability and scalablity for live streaming audio is difficult
  • Users are fearful of exceeding their data allowances
  • It’s hard to influence the quality and breadth of coverage
  • Competition is broader and it’s easier for new entrants to disrupt
  • Gatekeepers and net neutrality issues have risks
  • But it’s the only way to provide targeted content and interactivity.

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio combines the best of both approaches, preserving all the value in your existing broadcast assets, and adding new functionality delivered in parallel over an Internet connection.

Listeners who don’t have an Internet connection continue to receive your station exactly as they do now. Those listeners with a RadioDNS Hybrid Radio enabled device will get a more contemporary and interactive experience of radio, and you’ll gain a wider range of digitally accountable commercial opportunities to offer your clients. By adding Hybrid Radio to your station, you can increase its value.

What can RadioDNS Hybrid Radio do?

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio can add new, app-like, functionality to your existing broadcasts.

Get Started Here

Adding RadioDNS Hybrid Radio to your station involves two steps:

  1. Add your radio station to the RadioDNS server. This tells RadioDNS Hybrid Radio devices how to connect directly to your radio station over the Internet.
  2. Add RadioDNS Hybrid Radio applications to your radio station. You can use a third-party company to do this for you, or you can point your software developers towards our collection of open-source, free, software.

Fair Use Policy

Broadcasters provide metadata and content using RadioDNS’ technical standards. RadioDNS is currently drafting a Fair Use Policy to help manufacturers understand what use of this metadata and content is likely to be approved by broadcasters. This is available to see and comment on here.

About RadioDNS

RadioDNS is a not-for-profit organisation that’s run by its members in the radio industry around the world. You can find out more about RadioDNS and how it’s organised here.