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RadioDNS Hybrid radio seamlessly combines the strengths of broadcast radio and the Internet.

You continue to receive broadcast radio signals (FM, DAB, DAB+, HD), but can use an internet connection directly to the radio station to acquire more metadata and content to enhance the listening experience.

Why RadioDNS Hybrid Radio?

Broadcast radio is a reliable and ubiquitous technology:

  • Coverage is broad and consistent and managed by the radio stations
  • Coverage limitations are already understood by listeners
  • Broadcast spectrum is protected and regulated to ensure good quality of coverage
  • No mobile data consumption
  • Broadcast receiver technology is mature, stable and low-cost
  • Metadata available over broadcast is relatively restricted and low-quality

Broadcast is well suited for the mass-market ubiquitousness of radio.

IP has benefits and risks

  • Mobile networks are not designed for the consistent data-rates required for live streaming
  • It’s not clear who will pay for the data consumption
  • Broadcasters can’t influence the extent of coverage, which leaves gaps in important places (main roads)
  • Streaming applications give a good navigation/discovery experience, but are proprietary to each broadcaster
  • Metadata and content can be rich, responsive and targeted

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio combines the attributes of both technologies, increasing the function and value of your broadcast radio receiver.

And of course, it’s backwards compatible. Listeners that don’t have IP connectivity keep getting radio stations exactly the way they do now.

What can RadioDNS Hybrid Radio do?

Take a look at all the new features you can add to broadcast radio:

  • Station and Programme Information (Station Logos) – helping listeners find what they want
  • Rich visual content and dynamic metadata – telling listeners what they’re listening to
  • Service following – keeping listeners to the station they want
  • On-demand audio – offering listeners an easy to navigate catalogue of audio
  • Analytics
  • Targeted audio – making radio listening more relevant

Find out more about the features of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio.

Fair Use for Content and Data

Radio stations make their content and metadata available to manufacturers for free, for “fair use”. To help people have a common understanding of “fair use”, we’ve provided some standard terms.

Find our more about the Metadata Terms of Use

What does RadioDNS Cost?

RadioDNS is a free and open technology, which means we don’t charge anything for you to use RadioDNS.

All specifications for RadioDNS applications are published. Applications have been designed to be lightweight and simple for CE devices to implement.

Find out more about the costs of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio.

Get Started Here

To add hybrid functionality to your existing radio receiver you can:

You can always contact the Project office if you have more questions.


RadioDNS requires that contributions to our technology are made open or under a Fair, Reasonable, Non-Discriminatory and Zero Cost basis. With the visibility available to RadioDNS, we are not aware of any patented technology within our standards, but are unable to issue a disclaimer or guarantee.


RadioDNS Limited has registered the trademarks ‘RadioDNS Hybrid Radio’ and the RadioDNS Hybrid Radio logo in a number of countries. These trademarks are available for manufacturers to licence for free on devices that pass conformance testing.

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