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It’s free to use RadioDNS.

There are no charges to broadcasters, manufacturers, listeners or technology providers to use our technical standards and DNS lookup, and there are no patents or licences on our technologies (to the best of our knowledge).

Most of RadioDNS is implemented using standard web technologies that most developers are already familiar with. There’s no need for them to be using any specific programming language or development tools.

Implement Yourself

If you have your own web / software development team, they can probably add RadioDNS functionality to your existing systems.

Once it’s set up, it should be entirely self-managing, meaning one less thing to think about keeping updated. Just read through the documentation, browse the HowTo guides and ask for help in our forums.

Implement with a Partner / Service Provider

You can work with one of our partners to implement RadioDNS. They’ll do all the work to integrate with your existing systems and get your content out into our standardised formats. Some partners offer a basic service for free.

If you do work with another company to implement your RadioDNS, check what functionality they’re offering and that they’re compliant with our standards. We can help you do that. If they’re using our logo as well as our name, they should have passed our certification.

How is RadioDNS Funded?

RadioDNS is entirely funded through membership fees paid by members. Members get access to better support and implementation tools, can define new technical standards, and control the direction of the organisation. They don’t get any preferential access to the DNS service, nor to any data from radio stations.

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