Joining RadioDNS

RadioDNS is owned and run by its members, and promotes the growth of hybrid radio worldwide

Members are the most important people in RadioDNS. They’re united by an interest in growing the adoption of hybrid radio, for the benefit of broadcasters, manufacturers and service providers. Members get unique benefits to help develop and maintain their hybrid radio services or products.

Only members can directly influence the direction and strategic priorities of the project, attend meetings, and call for Working Teams to be formed to look at creating new technologies based around RadioDNS.

Who Should Be A Member?

Broadcasters can join Working Teams for standards development and get priority help implementing and testing hybrid radio, or choosing the right Service Provider to implement hybrid radio for them.

Manufacturers can join Working Teams for standards development, get access to developer resources and implementation guidelines, unlimited access to the automated testing platform, and can self-certify devices for compliance.

Service Providers can join Working Teams for standards development, use the automated testing platform to validate and certify their solutions, and have increased visibility to broadcasters and manufacturers through our Partners page.

Contact the project office to get all the information on membership and its benefits.

Who Doesn’t Need To Be A Member?

You don’t have to be a member to have access to our technical standards or to have your radio station added to the DNS server.

How To Join

Anyone wanting to join RadioDNS must have the support of two of our existing members, and agree to our Articles (in the Governance section) when applying for membership.

You can make your membership application on this form or contact the Project Office if you have any questions.

Membership Fees

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year, and members who join on or after 1st July each year pay half fees to the end of that year.

YearMembership Fee
2024GBP4 500

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