These documents are here to help developers of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio systems and receiver implementations

On this page you’ll find the current (and prior) versions of our standards, proposals for new standards, HOWTO guides with step-by-step information, and technical presentations.

Current Standards

These are the latest versions of all our published standards. Use these versions when you’re developing anything new. They are free to download and use.

Core Lookup

You need the core lookup specification to create a DNS lookup to find the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) for a radio station, so you can make an IP connection.


The use of ISO Country Codes in DNS lookups has been deprecated from v1.1.1 of the Hybrid lookup specification. All DNS lookups for FM or DAB are required to provide the ECC code. ECC is an optionally transmitted parameter.

Receiver implementers are strongly recommended to implement the process to determine an ECC code from geo-location information, and a code library is provided to support that.


Applications provide specific functionality.

Proposed Standards

These documents are work in progress of new applications being worked on by Working Teams. They’re unstable, liable to change, and here for information only.

The Radio Device Metadata Terms of Use has moved here.


All our step-by-step HowTo guides have moved here.

Technical Presentations

A collection of presentations from technical conferences explaining how to manage RadioDNS Hybrid Radio application systems.


If you need technical support, please post your question on the relevant Discussion Board, or email

 Prior Versions

You shouldn’t use these documents any more, except for historic reference.

Deprecated XSI file format

Standard REPG01 defined an XSI file type. This has been superseded by the SI file definition of TS 102 818. We are not aware of any devices in market which require the XSI file, so recommend that you do not implement it. The SI tool currently supports editing in both XSI and SI formats, but this function will be withdrawn in Spring 2019. The XSL-T transforms to allow conversion between SI and XSI will remain in the RadioDNS GitHub

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