Statutory and Historical Documents

Statutory Documents

  • RadioDNS is governed by its Articles of Association. (11th February 2020).
  • The DNS operates under our Trust Model. (16th February 2010).
  • Contributors to our Working Teams must agree to our IPR Policy. (16th February 2010).

Registered Company Details

RadioDNS Limited is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, owned by its members, and registered in England and Wales with number 08818015. The registered office is 113 Parson St, Bristol, BS3 5QH, United Kingdom


RadioDNS was first presented in May 2008, and formalised in April 2010, as a result of growing interest in Hybrid Radio. RadioDNS was originally an unincorporated membership association, but incorporated as a Limited Company in December 2013.

Historical Documents

These documents are from the period from 2008 to incorporation in December 2013.