Technical Group

Group of people watching hybrid radio demo

The Technical Group maintains and creates new standards for RadioDNS Hybrid Radio

Only Members can participate in the Technical Group and it’s Working Teams. Participants agree to our IPR Policy, which protects against patents being created against our standards.

The Group meets every 6-8 weeks, and is currently chaired by Ben Poor (EBU)

Technical Group Meetings

The next meeting is on 11th June 2024.

Technical Working Teams

The currently active Working Teams are

AnalyticsDefining a new standard to capture and transfer broadcast radio listening activity from receivers to radio stations
Listener LoginDefining how radio listeners can “login” to their radio devices – associating their “device” with an account/identity the have with the radio station.
Current Working Teams

If you’re a Member, and you’d like to join the Technical Group, please contact the Project Office

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