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A hybrid radio internet connection can be used to record and report listening to broadcast radio

Hybrid radio makes it possible to get insight into who is listening to your broadcast radio station. You can do this by:

  • Looking at the log files of the server which is providing your SI file
  • Using distinct URLs for the assets linked to from your SI file (e.g. logos, streaming URLs)
  • Implementing visual slideshow and monitoring connections to your server.

We can give you some advice on how to set this up and monitor it.

Analytics Standard

Our standard for analytics allows a radio receiver to report to a radio station when it starts and stops listening to the station. That gives the station an equivalent view of listening to broadcast radio that they get from logs from an internet streaming server, and allows for a better comparison.

Understanding the actual and relative use of broadcast radio compared to streaming also helps support investment in broadcast radio features and services.

All the data captured is securely transferred to the broadcaster in real time. The radio manufacturer and listener can control how much identifying information is shared with the broadcaster.

Analytics is being developed by our Technical Group.

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