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RadioDNS Hybrid Radio enables interesting and interactive features that work alongside your existing radio broadcasts.

Everything starts with the Lookup process that connects the receiver back to your radio station over the Internet.


RadioDNS uses the existing Domain Name System to link your broadcast signal with your internet domain. We operate the DNS root server for radiodns.org to a published trust model.

Once you’ve established the connection, you can choose which functionality to provide your listeners.


Visuals and Dynamic Metadata

Add striking visual information about what’s on-air now – artist images, news, weather, advertising. Visuals can be higher resolution and better quality when delivered over IP than broadcast radio.

Service and Programme Metadata

Metadata powers modern user interfaces to radio, by adding in station logos, names, descriptions, genre information and links to websites and social media presence.

Service Following

When the broadcast signal gets weak, switch over automatically to the station’s internet stream, and then back again when broadcast is better. Keeps listeners listening to the station they want to listen to.

Targeted Content

Provide more relevant content to individual listeners to broadcast radio services; local content into national services, relevant recommendations to listeners, targeted advertising.


The connection provided over IP can provide insight into how listeners are using broadcast radio. By capturing and reporting significant events, logging and analytics can be built up similar to those provided by streaming audio servers.


When the listener wants to know more about what’s on the radio tagging allows the simple tap of a button to record their interest, with the ability to revisit the content later on an associated mobile phone, tablet or desktop device at a time to suit them.

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