Visuals and Dynamic Metadata

Adele visual in BMW i3
Visuals in the dashboard

Dynamic metadata helps listeners understand what they’re listening to

Metadata can be transferred in real-time from the radio station to the listener. That metadata can be freeform text, structured text, or visuals

Our visualisation application delivers timely, relevant visuals synchronised with the audio, and at a higher quality / resolution than is possible over-the-air.

Visuals can deliver brilliant artist imagery to match the best streaming apps; reinforce your station brand where audience surveys depend on listeners remembering your station; add detail to news and weather reports; bolster on-air sponsorships, or earn incremental revenue from advertisers who want to add visuals to their radio advertising.

Textual metadata can be slotted in to specific parts of the user interface, making it easier for the listener to see the artist, title, news story and so on.

If you’re already implementing text, RT+/DL+ or visuals using DAB/DAB+, you’ll find our standard is directly compatible; you just need to implement transport over IP.

The delivery of visuals can be measured and reported on in the same way as any other web-delivered content.

You can get the full technical details of dynamic metadata in our Visual Slideshow standard in Technical Documentation.

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