RadioDNS Lookup

RadioDNS uses the existing Domain Name System to link  your FM, HD, DAB or DAB+ broadcasts with your presence on the internet. We operate the DNS root server for to a published trust model.

Providing RadioDNS Hybrid Radio yourself

If you have technical resource, our open standards allow you to build and run your own RadioDNS Hybrid Radio services.

To start using RadioDNS, you need to register your station in the DNS server.

We will link your station and your internet domain together in DNS, and then RadioDNS Hybrid Radio compatible devices will be able connect automatically to you via the internet.

Creating your registration doesn’t enable any new functionality. To offer that, you need to choose which RadioDNS Hybrid Radio applications you are going to offer to your listeners – visuals, metadata, tagging or service following.

Using a Service Provider

If you don’t want to implement RadioDNS Hybrid Radio yourself, talk to one of our Service Providers who can do it all on your behalf.