Project Logo

Project Logo defines a basic set of metadata for hybrid radio, that any radio station can implement.

The information here can help you provide or locate metadata like station logos, station names and streaming URLs – all of which can make broadcast radio work better for listeners.

Guided Walkthroughs


Just want to get straight to finding the station logos? Then follow our step-by-step walkthrough. Then read the documentation.


Here’s a 4 Step guide to implementing Project Logo for your radio station(s).

Project Logo with DAB+

We’ve produced this simplified guide (with WorldDAB) to producing and acquiring logos using both DAB+ and RadioDNS in parallel.


The latest information on which countries and broadcasters are providing Project Logo meta-data

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Radio Metadata Terms of Use

You should always provide terms of use for your metadata. We strongly recommend adopting our Radio Metadata Terms of Use.

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