How to Join Project Logo

Joining Project Logo means supporting the development of a better user interface to broadcast radio.


To join Project Logo, you need to publish the minimum metadata, and tell us about what stations and audiences you have. This helps us track growth which we can then report to Manufacturers.

You can publish that meta-data using your own technology teams (and our handy guide), or you can use a service provider.


To join Project Logo, you need to adapt your user interface to use some or all of the minimum meta-data provided by radio stations, and tell us what receivers you’ve enabled for Project Logo. That helps us reassure broadcasters that their listeners are benefiting from the effort they’re putting in to producing meta-data.

You can implement RadioDNS Hybrid Radio directly, you can have a look at our code tools, and we can put you in touch with commercial providers of solutions.

People Who Can Help

Lots of people can help you with Project Logo.

European Broadcasting Union
The EBU is producing Project Logo meta-data for all their public service broadcaster members. Please contact Ben Poor to get your station set up on their system. Other broadcasters can use the EBU RadioDNS Hybrid Radio platform for tests, trials and prototypes for free.

Association of European Radio
The AER is working with its member organisations in each country to enable Project Logo for private broadcasters. Either contact your national organisation, or the RadioDNS Project Office, and we’ll connect you to the right people.

National Association of Broadcasters
The NAB can provide advice to its members on how to implement RadioDNS. Contact David Layer for more information.

Service Providers
Here’s our list of companies who can provide Project Logo (and other RadioDNS functionality) as a service for you – either as a broadcaster of a manufacturer.

Developer Groups
You can implement Project Logo yourself, using our standards and HOWTO documents. If you need help, just ask the other developers in our groups.

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