Hello from NAB, Las Vegas

April 8th, 2014 by Nick Piggott

After a super-quick turnaround from Radiodays in Dublin, RadioDNS is here at the NAB Show in Las Vegas – the world’s largest electronic media show, with over 93,000 attendees.


We’re in the Central Hall, on Stand C755, where we’ve been demonstrating RadioDNS Hybrid Radio to broadcasters and service providers from Aruba to Brazil.

We’ve got the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 LTE smartphones featuring integrated RadioDNS functionality, an HTC One X, and a Revo PiXiS. They’re all demonstrating RadioDNS services from Cox and Clearchannel stations, two of our US members, as well as a prototype hybrid radio app from Global Radio. Clearchannel provided demonstrations from my93.1, Sunny 106.5 and 95.5 The Bull, all local stations here in Las Vegas. Cox built demos for Power 95.3 and The Eagle 107.3. Our thanks to Mediacoders for building a technical solution for us too.


Cox Media Group  Demo logos-7 Demo logos-9Demo logos-6 Demo logos-5 Demo logos-3 Demo logos-2 Demo logos-1 Demo logos-8


The amount of visitors to our stand makes it clear that hybrid radio is a compelling concept for broadcasters. We’re happy that RadioDNS is the open source, global reference point for hybrid radio standards.

Come and say hello to us on C755 if you’re here. Our members and friends NextRadio and HD Radio are close by as well.


RadioEPG – Providing metadata to TuneIn and other directory aggregators

March 31st, 2014 by Caroline Brindle

When people listen to ‘the radio’ via broadcast (FM, DAB, HD etc.), they find out what stations they can listen to by scanning the dial.


On connected devices, there isn’t a dial to scan, so instead these devices rely on directories of stations to listen to. These directories contain rich meta-data on stations, to allow for better navigation (logos, proper station names), searching (genre and programme information), and a variety of stream formats (MP3, HE-AAC etc.). The amount of meta-data held by these directories is growing all the time, which creates challenges for both the directory service provider and for the broadcasters to keep the information accurate.

One of the biggest directory providers is TuneIn (who are one of our members), who as well as having a wildly popular mobile phone app, also provide the listings for other connected devices. vTuner (also our member) are another significant directory provider, with a large installed base of devices. Together they have tens of thousands of stations listed, and millions of users. With that many devices and users, errors get noticed very quickly.


RadioEPG is often seen as being a way of providing meta-data to end devices, but it’s equally as useful as a way of transporting meta-data (and lots of it) from broadcasters to directory service providers. Nearly all the meta-data a directory requires can be held within the structure of the XSI and PI files, and along with the established HTTP protocols, it’s a very efficient delivery mechanism.

So we’re very pleased that TuneIn have said that they’re now able to ingest RadioEPG (XSI and PI files) from broadcasters, as an alternative to their existing transport mechanisms. If you’re publishing RadioEPG now, and you tell TuneIn about it, they can switch to automatically importing it to keep the information on your radio stations completely updated. We hope that will give broadcasters another good reason to embrace rich, structured meta-data, and make it available to the directory service providers as well as end devices.

If you’d like TuneIn to start pulling in your RadioEPG, then get in contact with the Project Office ( and we’ll introduce you to the right people at TuneIn. Similarly, as and when other providers adopt RadioEPG, we’ll announce it here.

Fáilte from RadioDays Europe, Dublin

March 24th, 2014 by Nick Piggott

RadioDNS at RadioDays EuropeRadioDays Europe has quickly established itself as the leading meeting place for radio professionals in Europe, and we’re here in the exhibition area, demonstrating and explaining RadioDNS Hybrid Radio to people.

On show we’ve got a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Express 2 LTE smartphones which feature integrated RadioDNS functionality. We’re really pleased that RTE, the Irish national public broadcaster, has put together a great set of RadioDNS demos with their service provider, All In Media. It’s great to be able to show all the clever functions of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio with local stations on the FM and DAB dials. All80′s Radio, the commercial DAB Radio station based in Dublin has also put together a demo of RadioVIS.

One thing that’s clear at this conference is the growing confidence that broadcast is a unique and powerful technology that we can use to keep connecting to listeners, and that it ought to co-exist alongside IP. Many of the session have talked about initiatives to bring broadcast radio into IP-enabled devices, specifically smartphones. I’m pleased that RadioDNS continues to be the global reference point for Hybrid Radio technology and standards, and that we’re contributing to or involved in those initiatives.

If you’re at RadioDays Europe, come and find 10 minutes between sessions to talk Hybrid Radio with us. We’re conveniently close to a coffee stand.

(Don’t forget that in two weeks time, we’ll be at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV)



RadioDNS 8th General Assembly Presentations

March 13th, 2014 by Caroline Brindle

Our 8th General Assembly was held on 11th February 2014, at the EBU in Geneva.

For the first time during the General Assembly, we hosted a conference on Hybrid Radio. It was great to see so many members and supporters attending, and the news about Samsung phones supporting RadioDNS services was very well received.

The presentations for the afternoon conference are available here. The videos are available on our Youtube channel.

Our members will be emailed the RadioDNS presentations from the morning.



Radiodays Europe 2014

March 6th, 2014 by Caroline Brindle


Radiodays Europe is the meeting point for radio in Europe, bringing together private and public radio stations. Come and visit RadioDNS on Stand 12H and see the new Samsung Galaxy Express 2 smartphone with integrated Hybrid Radio.


RadioDNS will be on Stand 12H at Radiodays Europe, where we’ll be showing how Hybrid Radio can help to make your radio station better. Nick and Mathias (Chair and Secretary of RadioDNS) will be showing demonstrations of:

Visuals – synchronised to the audio, clickable to the Internet, scalable to any screen resolution.

Station branding – letting listeners find your station by logo and full name.

Switch to Streaming – when the broadcast signal gets weak, switch over automatically to your station’s Internet audio stream. Using IP can cleverly reduce data consumption, increase battery life, and improve the listening experience.

Contact the Project Office if you’d like to arrange a meeting.

Radiodays Europe is an annual pan-European radio conference for leaders from public service and commercial radio as well as related industries. Radiodays Europe is the largest and most important radio conference in Europe, with top expert speakers and sessions with a wide range of topics.

TWiRT 201 – Radio Futurologist, James Cridland

February 26th, 2014 by Caroline Brindle

We’re proud that James Cridland, a co-founder of RadioDNS, has talked about the RadioDNS Project in this great episode of This Week in Radio Tech.

As a radio futurologist, James advises radio’s leaders across the world on radio’s multiplatform future, the effect of smartphones on radio listening, and radio’s place in social media. He writes about what happens when radio and new platforms collide – for Media UK and other websites and magazines, and works with the brightest brains to ensure radio remains relevant.

In this episode, James talks about RadioDNS as one of the key technologies for radio remaining relevant and useful to a mass audience.

Samsung Galaxy smart phones include RadioDNS Hybrid Radio

February 20th, 2014 by Caroline Brindle


RadioDNS is proud to announce that RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is now integrated into three Samsung Galaxy smartphones; the Galaxy Express 2 LTE, the Galaxy Core Advance, and the Galaxy Grand 2.

These are the first smartphones in the world to include RadioDNS Hybrid Radio functionality as standard. These smartphones are available now on Vodafone and their affiliated networks in Europe, and will also be available in Asia.

Samsung have upgraded the experience of the integrated FM radio to add visuals, interaction and automatic switching from FM radio to internet streaming depending on the quality of the FM signal. This is a significant development for radio, opening up new opportunities for listening and interaction on the smartphone.

Any radio station using the open RadioDNS standards of RadioVIS and RadioEPG will be able to provide an improved listening experience on these Galaxy smartphones, and many other devices supporting the global RadioDNS standards.

Nick Piggott, the Chair of RadioDNS, said, “This is a landmark for RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, and an exceptional opportunity for radio broadcasters to connect with listeners on their smartphones using broadcast radio. I hope that many radio stations will seize this chance to show that they can make broadcast radio as interesting to use as streaming apps on the smartphone”.

Samsung are the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones by volume.

Videos can be found here. Photos provided on request to the RadioDNS Project Office


Notes to editors:
*RadioDNS Hybrid Radio is open technology that lets broadcast radio and the internet work together: enhancing the listener experience, and making radio better.
* RadioDNS is a not-for-profit international organisation, providing the RadioDNS service and support to broadcasters and device manufacturers wishing to use the technology.
* The project has 26 members from the United States, Europe and Australia, and over 60 supporters, with over 1900 stations currently using the technology
* RadioDNS works equally across FM, DAB/DAB+ and HD Radio, and the digital radio standards used elsewhere in the world.

8th RadioDNS General Assembly and Conference

January 14th, 2014 by Caroline Brindle

General Assembly 2014

The 8th RadioDNS General Assembly will be held on 11th February, at the EBU in Geneva.

RadioDNS Members – you will be asked to approve the minutes from previous General Assemblies and Steering Board meetings.  Please see here for links to documents.

As international focus on hybrid radio grows, and only seems set to increase throughout 2014, we’ve been seeing more broadcasters using RadioDNS services, more manufacturers supporting the technology, and more tests and trials around the world.

We want to bring together all of these elements throughout 2014, and show how hybrid can make your radio better. For our General Assembly 2014, we want to create an international showcase of hybrid radio. We’ll be demonstrating the latest technology innovations, along with unique case studies from broadcasters and service providers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia-Pacific.

We’ll also have presentations on how to make the most of hybrid radio in the home, in the car, and on your phone.

If you’re a member of RadioDNS, join us before lunch for the business section first. There’s a draft agenda in progress here.

The General Assembly is open to anyone, and please join us for networking drinks afterwards.

To register, click here.


eBU   RadioDNS-Registered-3

CES 2014

January 8th, 2014 by Caroline Brindle


CES 2014 is taking place in Las Vegas until 10 January. With over 36, 000 international visitors, it’s one of the largest consumer technology events of the year.

RadioDNS is being represented at CES 2014 by two of our Directors. John Farrell, who is the Senior Director (Advanced Technology Group) at Frontier Silicon, is based at a private booth in South Hall 2 and will be hosting customer meetings and showing demos.

Ben Husmann from NextRadio will be at iBiquity’s booth #8232 in Central Hall, demonstrating NextRadio and TagStation on the smartphone as well as an in-car demonstration.

Contact the Project Office if you’d like to say hello.



RadioDNS in 2013

December 23rd, 2013 by Caroline Brindle

OllyMurs OllyMurs-reveal

RadioDNS is heading into 2014 full of confidence that hybrid radio is being talked about, implemented and enjoyed by more broadcasters and listeners around the world.

We’re delighted that Germany’s private broadcasters have announced their launch of hybrid radio – combined with the public broadcasters, this brings the total number of listeners receiving RadioDNS in Germany to 46.8m daily.

Next year promises to be even busier – we’ll be exhibiting and speaking at lots of international events including RadioDays Europe, NAB Las Vegas and Broadcast Asia. Do contact the Project Office if you’d like a meeting or a demo of RadioDNS services if we’re in your part of the world.

2014 also sees the first annual RadioDNS conference, which will be held at our General Assembly as part of the EBU’s Digital Radio Week. We’ll be showing some very exciting new developments, and looking at hybrid around the world, in the car and in the smartphone. Please have a look here for more information and don’t forget to register.

And finally, we’d like to present Capital FM’s “Guess the Advent Star”. Each day at 6am on Capital Breakfast, listeners have been shown a new Capital star, carefully obscured with festive items such as a giant snow ball or Christmas cracker.  The audience are invited to guess who the star is hidden in the picture, with an additional text clue in the caption. Then from 4pm on Capital Drive the artist picture is revealed with the answer. Let us know if your station has been broadcasting any special Christmas VIS slides!

Happy Holidays from everyone at RadioDNS.


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