Automotive Workshops

We regularly hold Automotive Workshops, in partnership with WorldDAB, where many of the world’s OEMs, broadcasters and companies working within the automotive sector discuss hybrid radio in order to make it better for all.

Automotive Workshop XV

November 14th 2023 – 14.30 CET – Berlin (we will let you know the exact location when your attendance is confirmed).

Register here – please note, there will be no option to join online.

Discussion Items

If you have an issue you think we should discuss at the next Automotive Workshop, please contact us, so we can add it to the topics to be considered. The draft agenda includes:

  • Station List Ordering
  • Displaying Regional Variations of Stations
  • Delivering large numbers of logos over the air
  • Removing old logos
  • Controlling access to metadata
  • Controlling access to streams
  • Visual content
  • Switching to Broadcaster Provided Apps

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If you would like further information on our Automotive Workshops, please contact us, and we will be able to answer any questions you have.

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