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January 2019

Tuesday 8 January

Consumer Electronics Show 2019

RadioDNS will be present at CES2019, and demonstrations of RadioDNS shown by NXP and Xperi.

February 2019

Monday 11 February

13th General Assembly

Open to RadioDNS Members Only The 13th General Assembly is the annual meeting of our members to review our progress, plans and set strategy for the year ahead. For members and by invitation only.

Tuesday 12 February

RadioDNS Hybrid Radio Update

Find out what progress RadioDNS has made during 2018, and our plans for 2019. An update on manufacturers, broadcasters and technology providers who are supporting RadioDNS.

Tuesday 12 February

Automotive Workshop IV

Automotive Workshop IV is a round-table discussion of the top 5 issues that vehicle manufacturers would like radio broadcasters to address.  This informal and interactive session allows us to talk about what we want to do to make radio better in the car, what the obstacles to doing that are, and how we can collaborate to overcome them. We’ll pick 5 of the most important issues manufacturers face and discuss each one for 30 minutes, coming to a conclusion and…

Wednesday 13 February

Digital Radio Summit 2019

The Digital Radio Summit brings together stakeholders in the global raido industry to review and discuss the implications of technological change.

March 2019

Sunday 31 March

RadioDays Europe 2019

RadioDNS will be exhibiting at RadioDNS Europe, showing the latest vehicle implementations of our standards.

April 2019

Monday 8 April

NAB Show 2019

RadioDNS will present, demonstrating open standards hybrid radio. More details to follow.

September 2019

November 2019