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RadioDNS Hybrid Radio makes radio better. You may have seen us demonstrating how easy it is to get involved and implement, or you may be curious about how it works.

Our news is not just news about RadioDNS, it is news from the constantly evolving world of hybrid radio, and we love talking about the advancements, the problems that are being solved and yes, about how much better we are helping to make radio!

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We attend many events around the world, often talking or speaking on panels about the future of hybrid radio. Check out our Events section below to see where we will be travelling to next to demonstrate and talk about hybrid radio or get in touch with Project Office to organise a meet-up.

RF2Digital Join RadioDNS

Rosie Kendrick - 22 Oct 2020

We are delighted to welcome another new member to RadioDNS, bringing our membership to an all-time high. RF2Digital is based in the outskirts of Seoul, in South Korea.  They've been around for 4 years, but were …

Audi and iHeart collaborate on RadioDNS in the USA

Nick Piggott - 18 Sep 2020

We bring people together to collaborate on creating great new experiences of radio in the dashboard using our standards. Audi and iHeart have both supported RadioDNS since its inception. iHeart were represented on the group that …

Radiodays Europe, Lisbon

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