Ten Themes in our Automotive and Broadcaster Workshop

We’ve wanted to bring together automotive manufacturers and broadcasters for some time.

We get to talk to both parties a lot, and it’s sometimes frustrating to see that they share a common vision of a brilliant, modern, experience of radio, but then fail to understand how each one wants to create and deliver it. It’s this failure to agree on implementation that’s holding back getting to that shared vision.

So on 5th July 2016, we’re going to bring together automotive manufacturers and broadcasters from around the world in a one day event to examine ten themes crucial to the future experience of radio in the car. The format of the day will be different to the usual conference setup, as it will be an open discussion of each issue in detail, looking to find a consensus view on how to remove obstacles and accelerate development. There will be no dividing line between “the panel” and “the audience”.

The ten themes reflect the discussions that RadioDNS has most often between broadcasters and manufacturers looking to keep radio prominent and relevant in the car. As the driving experience becomes more sophisticated and more influenced by technology, these issues reflect the growing demand from the automotive industry to deliver similar innovations for radio.

You can find out what those Ten Themes are, and all the other details about the workshop, on the workshop page. Registration for RadioDNS members is open now, and for non-members from 14th June 2016.