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Nominations for the Statues Drafting Team

Nick Piggott 8th November 2009

Nominations closed for the Statutes Drafting Team last week, but it was necessary to clarify a couple of nominations that had been transferred from the original request for nominations for the Steering Team.

The nominees are listed below, and these will be the candidates for an election as part of Tuesday’s meeting, during which we will discuss and agree what the Statutes Drafting Team will deliver back to the General Meeting and by when.

Name Company Position Area of Activity
Spencer Lieng ABC Radio (AU) Executive Manager Technology Research and Standards Broadcaster
Ben Matthew Absolute Radio Applications Specialist & Network Support Broadcaster
Dan Thornton Absolute Radio Digital Marketing Manager Broadcaster
Martyn Humphreys Bauer (UK) Head of Broadcast Systems – London and Southern England Broadcaster
Jon Billings BBC Head of Technology, FM&T A&M and Mobile Broadcaster
George T Bundy BRS Media Inc President / CEO Service Provider
Jeff Littlejohn ClearChannel Exec VP – Distribution Development Broadcaster
Hanns Wolter Club DAB Italia
Richard Morris Commercial Radio Australia
Broadcaster Association
Peter MacAvock
European Broadcasting Union
Broadcaster Association
Nick Piggott Global Radio Head of Creative Technology Broadcaster
Joe D’Angelo iBquity Digital Vice President – Broadcast Programs and Advanced Services Transmission
Nigel Roberts Island Networks CEO/CTO Service Provider
James Cridland Not At All Bad Ltd Director
Nick Jurascheck PURE Director of Software Development Receiver Manufacturer
Simon Gooch SBS Broadcaster
Michael Reichert SWR Broadcaster
Simon Cole UBC CEO Service Provider
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