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Statutes Drafting Team elected

James Cridland 10th November 2009

In a meeting this afternoon, hosted by the EBU, the following were elected as members of the Statutes Drafting Team.

Jon Billings (BBC, UK)
James Cridland (Not At All Bad Ltd, UK)
Nick Jurascheck (PURE Digital, UK)
Spencer Leing (ABC, Australia)
Jeff Littlejohn (Clear Channel Inc, USA)
Peter MacAvock (EBU, Switzerland)
Ben Matthews (Absolute Radio, UK)
Richard Morris (Commercial Radio Australia, Australia)
Nick Piggott (Global Radio, UK)

This team will convene shortly to start work on the task, and will publish periodic updates. The intention is to deliver a complete draft by 1st February 2010, so that it can be thoroughly viewed by all interested parties ahead of our next General Meeting.

The next General Meeting has been set for February 9th at 14h00 CET, at a location to be agreed. At this meeting, it is intended the draft statutes will be ratified, and lead to an election of a Steering Board.

The initial RadioDNS team are grateful to the EBU’s help in counting the votes and organising the day, and for their invaluable assistance and advice.

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