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Statutes and Trust Model Update

Nick Piggott 5th February 2010

At our first General Assembly,we started the process of turning RadioDNS from an adhoc grouping of supporters into a formally established body – the first steps of turning RadioDNS into permanent service, accountable to and run by its members.

The Second General Assembly is approaching (16th February 2010 in Geneva), and the primary agenda items for that meeting will be the discussion of the proposed Statutes and Trust Model for RadioDNS, followed by a vote from the meeting on whether to adopt those and officially form RadioDNS.

We had hoped to publish the draft Statutes and Trust Model this week for you to review ahead of the meeting. Some areas have generated a lot of discussion within the Statutes Drafting Team, and the deadline slipped.

I expect to publish the draft Statutes and Trust Model on Monday 8th February, giving you a week to go through them.

These documents are absolutely core to the way RadioDNS will be run, and please find an hour or so during next week to read them, even if it’s so you understand what is being proposed.

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