April 2010 update

James Cridland 1st May 2010

Editor’s note: this is a semi-regular email from Nick Piggott, Chairperson of RadioDNS, to the RadioDNS Announcement list. You can subscribe to the list elsewhere on our website. The post below was added here on 6 June 2010 along with the May 2010 update.

It’s just a month since RadioDNS was formally created, and it’s been a busy month. Here’s a brief update of this month’s activities in the project, and advance notice of events.

RadioDNS at the NAB Show, Las Vegas NV – April 12-15th 2010

You may remember that we were very kindly offered space at one of the world’s leading broadcast exhibitions by the NAB, and that we had decided to create a modest RadioDNS presence. I’m pleased to say that we stuck to our commitment to spend no more than US$1,500 on the event, which went almost entirely on branding and information leaflets. (You can see a photo of the stand here). James Cridland (our Secretary Elect) and I split the time in Vegas between us, with a day’s handover.

We were overwhelmed by the response to the stand, with a constant flow of broadcasters interested in the project, and taking away information leaflets. We were also pleased to welcome delegations on tours organised by the NAB, including the Chairman of the FCC and his colleagues. The concept of RadioDNS has been very warmly received, and I hope we’ll be welcoming more North American members and supporters to the project as a result.

Incidentally, we invested GBP25 in bags of Cadbury’s Chocolates, which seemed to be a hit with visitors to the stand. I can also recommend FedEx Office’s rather excellent Internet printing service, which meant everything prepared as .PDF files (including our striking RadioDNS banner, designed by Andy Buckingham) was ready for us to pick up when we arrived in Vegas.

RadioDNS presented to NRSC – April 10th

The NAB also arranged for RadioDNS to be presented to the NRSC (National Radio Systems Committee) at its meeting immediately prior to the NAB Show. The NRSC has members from the broadcasting and consumer electronics industry, and it was a honour to be allowed to sit in on the meeting, and to present RadioDNS. All the attendees received the Technical Information leaflet, and I gave a presentation. There were quite a few questions about the technology, its application, and practical progress to date.

RadioDNS presented to NABA – April 28th

Following on from our presence at the NAB Show, we were given the opportunity to present to the Radio Subcommittee of NABA (North American Broadcasters Association), as part of their regular telephone conference. This presentation was similar to that given to the NRSC, copies of the same information leaflet were provided by e-mail, and I took more good questions at the end of the session.

Peter Cook, from CBC Canada, attended the meeting, and was kind enough to tweet:

“Sat in on a NABA meeting & got to hear @nickpiggott present on @radiodns post NAB. Very happy this idea getting attention it deserves”

Award Winning RadioDNS

Barely a month old as an organisation, and I’m extremely proud that we’ve picked up two awards already.

These awards recognise the efforts made by all the people who have contributed to the growth and formation of RadioDNS over the last couple of years, most of whom have done so with discretionary effort and in their own time. I’d like you to give them a virtual round of applause. Thank you.

Incidentally, if you’re entering awards for systems or technologies that features RadioDNS, let us know if we can help you with supporting information to give you the edge – all we ask is that you let us know if you pick up the silverware.

New Member – Screenpeaks

Our Membership Application process came into effect on the 1st April, and we received an application from Screenpeaks (Israel) to become a member of RadioDNS.

I’m pleased to say that the process worked, and the members approved Screenpeaks request to become our 23rd member.

All our members are listed here.

We also welcome YLE (Finland) and Computerrock.Net (Germany) as Supporters.

RadioDNS at the Radio Tech Summit, Mountain View, CA (United States) – June 2nd & 3rd

The Radio Tech Summit has been organised by techINK Technology Editor and well-known radio-tech evangelist Skip Pizzi. (@skipizzi). There’s a very interesting lineup of speakers, and RadioDNS will be presented by myself and James Cridland (Secretary Elect), where we will also receive our techINK Innovation Award on behalf of the project.

If you can make it along, the details are at http://www.radioink.com/techsummit/ and do let us know, so we can say hello and celebrate our award.

Steering Board – Your representation in RadioDNS

We’ll be having a Steering Board meeting in the coming month. The Steering Board is the executive body of RadioDNS, but they’re also your route to having your voice heard during the course of the year.

The Steering Board members are listed at http://radiodns.wpengine.com/2010/04/01/steering-board-elected/ and you can contact any of them as first.lastname@radiodns.org . In the first instance, please contact the member who probably understands your issues or concerns most, but you can contact me if you don’t feel your message is making it to the Steering Board meetings. Steering Board meeting minutes will be published on the website as soon after the meeting as possible.

The initial agenda is quite full, not least because we have to choose where to open our bank account. Decisions, decisions.

Developers’ Mailing List

The Developers’ mailing list has been getting busier recently, with new names asking and answering questions. If you have people who enjoy tech, they’ll find it worth while keeping across this list, which isn’t so busy (yet) as to be noisy in your mailbox.

Some interesting issues have come up here, including how to make RadioDNS applications (such as RadioVIS) available to streaming only services. Even if you don’t understand the tech, you might value seeing different views on the subject.

You can see the mailing list posts (and join the list) at http://groups.google.com/group/radiodns-developers

That concludes this month’s update. My apologies if you received this e-mail more than once, but our (free) mailing list hosting can’t de-duplicate between our various lists. It also doesn’t allow HTML messages, hence the old school ASCII formatting. We’ll keep the use of Google Groups under review.

There’s a couple of people I’d like to specifically thank in this e-mail. James Cridland (RadioDNS Secretary Elect), Andy Buckingham (Global Radio) and Sebastian Kett (SWR) all contributed to our successful presence at NAB in Vegas, and I’d like to thank David Layer (NAB) for making that time in Vegas so valuable and worthwhile.

To everyone who has helped RadioDNS this month – either by designing or writing or setting up meetings or just evangelising about the project – I very much appreciate your contribution,

Best regards,

Nick Piggott

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