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RadioVIS/FM – are you producing visuals?

James Cridland 23rd September 2010

Ben Poor, Lead of the RadioVIS developer workgroup, says in a post today…

I’d like to take a short moment to encourage all of you who are involved in
the broadcast of RadioVIS feeds to expand the range of platforms that you
support. I know that the majority of you are broadcasting RadioVIS topics
covering the DAB platforms, and some also the existing version of the IP
platform from the specification.

Some of you may be aware that there are a number of devices coming very soon
which will make use of FM RDS information to locate a RadioVIS feed, and it
would be most advantageous to Broadcasters and the RadioVIS ecosystem to
have your feed available at launch.

A number of different Stomp servers provide facilities to ‘symbolic link’
topics, meaning that there is not a great deal of extra work to be done. I’m
sure that any questions on the exact implementation of this would be
gratefully received on the discussion group.


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