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RadioDNS Steering Board Meeting – 29th September 2011

Nick Piggott 26th September 2011

The RadioDNS Steering Board meets twice a year, to review the progress of the project, and to discuss matters that are important to our members, supporters and users.

You can see the Agenda at http://radiodns.wpengine.com/steeringboard

The next RadioDNS Steering Board meeting is on Thursday 29th September. If you have any issues or questions you would like to have raised at that meeting, then you can pass those through in two ways:

  • You can contact one of our Steering Board members
  • You can contact me,  as Chair of the Steering Board (nick.piggott@radiodns.org)

In particular, I’d like to remind you that the EPG Working Team have proposed some changes to both the RadioDNS specification and the RadioEPG specification, which have been sent to our technical community for peer review. We will be looking through the comments received at this Steering Board meeting, so if you do intend to comment, please do (or say that you want to) by Wednesday 28th September.

Our next significant event will be our General Assembly in February 2012, and we’ll let you know the dates of that meeting soon – it will be timed to coincide with the EBU’s Digital Radio Week, as it was this year.

Finally, I’d like to welcome everyone who’s joined this mailing list since meeting us at IBC Amsterdam, NAB Radioshow in Chicago, the Russian Radio Academy Conference in Moscow, the Prix Italia in Turin, and IFA in Berlin. It’s good to have you all along.


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