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RadioDNS in Germany – auch in Deutsch!

Nick Piggott 31st May 2012

Hybrid Radio is a concept that’s getting picked up all over the world, and we’ll try and capture some of the diversity of the RadioDNS ecosystem through the blog, and also in our Case Studies section.

So let’s head to Berlin, Germany, and an update from Matthias Semrau from backend-systems.net and the station they’re working with in Berlin, 88vier.

Unser erster Sender “88vier Berlin” wird von der MABB, Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg, organisiert. Wir planen gerade mit denen einen Workshop für alle Radiostationen im Land Berlin / Brandenburg, wo wir alles vorstellen und präsentieren wollen. Dort ist das Interesse sehr groß. Es gab ein großes WOW! als die ersten Slides auf dem UKW/FM Sender im REVO AXiS erschienen.

And a translation to English:

MABB (The Berlin Media Authority) enabled us to work with 88vier Berlin. We’re planning a workshop for radio stations in Berlin and Brandenberg so we can present and discuss hybrid radio. There’s a lot of interest. It was certainly a big WOW! when the first slides appeared on the Revo AXIS for an FM Radio station

Have a look at the video on the backend-systems blog. It’s a really good demonstration of what’s possible.

It’s also great that Matthias and backend-systems are organising their own event to explain hybrid radio to their local broadcasters. If you’d like to do the same, and need some support, get in contact.

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