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Welcoming our newest member – Emmis Interactive

Nick Piggott 20th June 2012

Emmis have become the newest member of RadioDNS

I really enjoy talking to people about the RadioDNS Project, and interest is particularly strong in the USA. When we were at the NAB Show back in the Spring, I saw the launch of a cellphone with HD Radio integrated into it. That was great, but getting the hardware right is only half the story, so I was really impressed to see that accompanying this new cellphone was a great new interactive service called TagStation.

TagStation, created by Emmis, creates the user experience that brings the hardware alive. I had some great conversations with the guys from Emmis, who were similarly interested in what RadioDNS could bring to their platform.

So I’m pleased to announce that Emmis have become the newest member of RadioDNS. Rather than me tell you about them, here’s Chris Campbell from Emmis to explain their involvement:

Over the last year, Emmis has been working with NAB Labs, Intel and iBiquity on developing the next generation standard for HD Radio – a standard that supports the current HD Radio product, as well as future HD Radio platforms. TagStation’s Advanced Radio Data Services is at the heart of this effort.

TagStation provides broadcasters with an easy-to-use, standardized, and cost effective way to deliver the kind of Artist Experience today’s consumers expect, whether it’s in the dashboard or on a smartphone.

In addition to developing TagStation for the HD Radio platform, Emmis is actively pursing solutions that will deliver various artist and advertising experiences utilizing a combination of the FM band and an IP backchannel.

We’ll be talking with Emmis a lot going forward, and if you’re a US-based broadcaster, you should definitely keep them on your radar.

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