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NPO demonstrates RadioDNS at IBC

Nick Piggott 7th September 2012

RadioDNS has arrived at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam.

RadioDNS has arrived at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam, and is installed alongside our colleagues from the EBU on stand 10.F20 in the RAI.

This year’s demonstrations are even better than last year’s, with more devices and more services running with RadioDNS. More on that over the next couple of days.

In previous years we’ve transported radio stations from other cities into the heart of the RAI to be able to demonstrate their RadioDNS services. This year it’s really great to be able to demonstrate services native to the Netherlands, from Dutch public service broadcaster NPO.

NPO have worked with the EBU’s Content Manager to enable RadioDNS services across their stations, including 3FM, which you can see being demo’ed above on an HTC One X mobile phone. All of the NPO services have RadioVIS (allowing visualisation) and RadioEPG (providing service information); we’ve been able to show people today 3FM automatically transitioning between FM and IP streaming, and Radio 1 and 3FM both have a dynamic visual service of logos and stills from their popular studio video streams.

We’d like to thank NPO for the opportunity to include them in the demo, and for the EBU team for working with them to make it possible.

It’s also been a great opportunity to show the weaknesses and risks of IP. This year, we’ve fitted out our demo phone with a 3G SIM from t-mobile Netherlands. At 9.30am, when there were no delegates in the RAI, we were enjoying full rate HSPDA download speeds. At 4.00pm, with the RAI full of smartphone-toting techies, our HTC One X is resolutely stuck on GPRS, and unable to stream. RadioVIS, however, keeps on coming through, alongside FM radio.