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RadioDNS and IMDA introduce Hybrid Radio EPG

Caroline Brindle 10th January 2013

RadioDNS and IMDA collaborate to launch Hybrid Radio EPG
LAS VEGAS – 10th January 2013

Today at CES, Radio DNS and the IMDA introduced the Hybrid Radio EPG, a one format fits all, trusted data source for up to date information on the radio.

Collaborating together, RadioDNS and the IMDA (Internet Media Device Alliance) have aligned the RadioEPG XSI and the IMDA SI to create the Hybrid Radio EPG. Aiming for ETSI standardisation, this specification will provide simplicity and certainty for broadcasters and manufacturers alike.

For broadcasters, the Hybrid Radio EPG should be almost identical to current metadata they make available in the existing standards that form the basis for DAB, DRM, HD Radio or Radioplayer.

For manufacturers, it is likely that the Hybrid Radio EPG is simpler to parse and use, and that code re-use should be possible from existing applications.

For providers of internet only streams or on demand content, the Hybrid Radio EPG will be a convenient way to describe their services.

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Caroline Brindle, Project Co-ordinator | caroline.brindle@radiodns.org | +441600 888335 | radiodns,org
Claudia Jablonski, Program Manager | press@imdalliance.org | +1 646 244 3161 | imdalliance.org
Notes to editors:

*RadioDNS is open technology that lets broadcast radio and the internet work together: enhancing the listener experience, and making radio better.
* RadioDNS is a not-for-profit international association, providing the RadioDNS service and support to broadcasters and device manufacturers wishing to use the technology.
* The project has 25 members from the United States, Europe and Australia, and over 60 supporters, with over 1500 stations currently using the technology
* RadioDNS works equally across FM and HD Radio, and the DAB/DAB+ digital radio standards used elsewhere in the world.
* The project was started in 2008, and formally established in March 2010.

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