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RadioDNS at NAB 2013, Las Vegas

Nick Piggott 8th April 2013

We’ve arrived in Las Vegas and we’re here at booth C147 at the NAB Show.

NAB 2013

We’re talking to our US members, and demonstrating some great applications of our technology. As ever, thanks to our member NAB for inviting us to take a booth again this year.

Clearchannel and Cox, two of our American members, worked in conjunction with us to show their stations using RadoVIS.

Along with Visteon, we’re showing how you can connect your smartphone to your car radio via Bluetooth and receive audio through FM, and content rich data like visuals and station information on your phone through IP.

Our tagging demo has attracted a lot of interest. Using a demo broadcast of Capital FM, we’re showing how simple it is to “tag” content, which then gets sent to a personal webpage where you can explore the content in more detail at your leisure. Broadcasters are excited by the opportunity to attract more advertising revenue using this interactive service, and also offer their listeners a more immersive and exciting experience.

We’re also demonstrating how RadioDNS can enable service following on a smartphone, where the device automatically switches to IP if an FM connection is lost, and switches back when the signal returns. Have a look at our video below.

If you’re visiting, do come and say hello to us.


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