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Caroline Brindle 9th May 2013

RadioDNS started life back in 2008 as a collaboration project between the BBC and Global Radio. In 2013, we have 26 members, 70+ project supporters and services running in over 14 countries.

It’s important to us that we continue to recognise our international status, and try to make the adoption and implementation of RadioDNS services as easy as possible for broadcasters, manufacturers and service providers across the world.

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We’ve taken a decision to redesign the RadioDNS website, and make it a much clearer and more intuitive experience. We’re also working towards incorporating a complete test and demonstration environment to allow broadcasters and manufacturers to demonstrate the functionality of our applications, and we want to support non-English speakers in their own languages.

Can you help us get there?

For the design, we’re committed to our new site being the best of its class, using bold, clean design elements and navigation. We want to work with someone with a proven track record in contemporary web design, who can understand the complex information we need to make available via our site and interpret that in a visually attractive and functional way.

We’ve decided to continue running the site on WordPress, because of it’s open source nature and some of the legacy content we want to carry over. We’ll need someone who can work with the designer in the site construction, and take the design elements and implement them on the WordPress platform. It’ll require plenty of experience of customising WordPress, strong contemporary web coding skills (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript), and you must be able to create a site architecture that represents best of practice (taking into account navigation and SEO considerations).

Please send your details and examples of your work to Caroline at the Project Office by 17:00 CET on Friday 24th May.


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