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More Private Radio Stations in Germany launch RadioDNS Services

Nick Piggott 20th June 2014

We’re really pleased to see the continuing expansion of hybrid radio in Germany, a key European market.

Here’s an English translation of a press release from the VPRT (The Association of Private Radio and TV Companies), and a link to the original German version.

Smart Radio: More private radio stations choose hybrid distribution.

Berlin, June 18, 2014

More and more German private radio stations are choosing to transmit Smart Radio, adding additional visual information such as congestion information, weather and music information to their existing FM signals via (mobile) Internet. It’s increasingly important to deliver this information to the displays in cars or on smartphones. Device manufacturers are also thinking more about the convergence of radio devices and smartphones and tablets – not least because of the ability of automatic switching between FM reception and on-line streaming dependent on location and quality of received signal.

Klaus Schunk, VPRT Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the VPRTs Department of Radio and Audio services said: “Private Radio continues to make itself available across all platforms. We’re following through on our undertaking to the automotive industry, as well as to chip and equipment manufacturers, to support the European trend towards Smart Radio. We’re making additional information easily usable for our listeners, enhancing their experience of radio. ”

104.6 RTL, 105‘5 Spreeradio, Antenne Niedersachsen, Antenne Thüringen, radio TOP 40, HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio, Radio Regenbogen and harmony.fm have already started their Smart Radio programming, and will be closely followed by Antenne Bayern and Rock Antenne. ego FM, RadioKöln, JAM FM und LandesWelle Thüringen will go live shortly.

Note: Smart Radio demonstrates the convergence  of FM and Internet in one device, so that the listener receives the normal FM radio signal, but with additional information, graphics and visuals. Hybrid Radio also makes interactive applications possible in the future. Smart Radio is based on RadioDNS’ open technical standards. This approach allows the radio station to complement their broadcast signal with additional content delivered over IP. The specific distribution channel is irrelevant – the technology works both for FM, digital radio and web radio.

The VPRT is encouraging the automotive industry, chip and device manufacturers to support Smart Radio via RadioDNS and to give listeners using hybrid a more visually rich experience of their favourite radio stations.

Event: The next VPRT radio lounge “Radio On All Channels” (June 23 in Munich) will address, among other things, the benefits of smart radio. More info here.

For additional information contact:

Press Officer Hartmut Schultz, Hartmut Schultz Kommunikation GmbH
T | +49 30 3 98 80-101, e | schultz@schultz-kommunikation.de

About the VPRT:

The VPRT represents the interests of private radio and TV companies. With their TV, radio, online and mobile services, the approximately 140 members in Germany enrich the media landscape through diversity, creativity and innovation. Their voice is important in ensuring regulatory, technological and economic conditions are appropriate in a digital world. As a trade association, we support our member companies in their discussions with policy and market partners in achieving this goal – nationally and at EU level.

Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual e.V.

StromStraße 1, 10555 Berlin
26 Rue des Deux Eglises, B-1000 Bruxelles – Brussels Office

T | +49 30 3 98 80-0, F | +49 30 3 98 80-148
E | info@vprt.de


Originale Deutsche Version dieser Pressemitteilung

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