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Skip Pizzi joins RadioDNS’ Steering Board

Nick Piggott 1st July 2014

I’m very pleased to be welcoming Skip Pizzi back to the Steering Board of RadioDNS.

Skip was involved with the formation of RadioDNS, and it’s great to have him representing the interests of our members and supporters in the Americas. Skip works for the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), who were also one of our founding members.

You can meet myself and Skip at the NAB Radio Show in Indianapolis, IN on September 10th/11th this year.

Skip’s appointment to the board was made possible through Ben Husmann of Emmis deciding to stand down, to focus on the continuing success of the NextRadio project. Ben was also a valuable contributor to the direction of the organisation, and we’d all like to thank him for his time and thoughts on how to continue growing RadioDNS.

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