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IRT and EBU Demonstrate RadioDNS Hybrid Radio at IBC 2015

Caroline Brindle 11th September 2015

At this year’s IBC, taking place in Amsterdam from 11th – 15th September, RadioDNS members IRT, the BBC and the EBU will present new hybrid radio features built on the RadioDNS standards, as well as results from the European funded project MediaScape.

You can also read about the RadioDNS Hybrid Radio functionality that IRT demonstrated at IFA last week, which will also be available to view at IBC. IRT will be present at the EBU Village in Hall 10, and will be demonstrating a new feature implemented on hybrid radio prototype the DABerry, which allows the listener to skip content while listening to the linear broadcast. Once the listener has pressed the skip button on the UI, selected on-demand content (either from local storage or from an IP connection) is selected and played.

Simultaneously the DABerry records the DAB broadcast into a time shift buffer. With the DynamicLabel+ information in the DAB multiplex, the DABerry can insert segmentation information into the time shift buffer including Title and Artist, allowing the listener to seamlessly return to the linear programme after the individual on-demand content ends.

This functionality is a perfect combination between the “classic” radio scenario and the modern streaming music experience delivered to the listener today. By providing this feature on a radio device which is integrated into a single easy to use UI, there’s no need for the listener to switch devices, or to have had to make the decision previously whether to listen on IP or on broadcast reception mode.

This combination of radio broadcast and on demand delivered content enables new usage scenarios, which provides the listener with an unprecedented level of individualisation and personalisation.

The BBC will also be at Hall 10.F45 demonstrating Hybrid Radio and Cross Platform Authentication.

Nick Piggott will be at IBC on Saturday 12th September. If you’d like to say hello, email feedback@radiodns.org

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