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RadioDays Europe – Jump In and Experience Hybrid Radio

Nick Piggott 17th March 2016
RadioDNS Hybrid Radio in a Renault Twingo

We’re fresh back from RadioDays Europe, where we had our biggest display of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio devices and services to date.

Showing people RadioDNS Hybrid Radio in action is one of our more important activities, turning a interesting concept into an engaging reality. It helps technical people engage their less-technically minded colleagues, and gives everyone confidence that radio can deliver a better experience to users with just a little bit of effort.

We’ve been involved with RadioDays Europe for many years, watching it grow from a domestic conference in Scandinavia to the place where Europe’s radio industry meets. This year we decided to mount our biggest display of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio ever, and really push the boat out – and push the car in.

Visteon is an OEM manufacturer who have developed a smart solution that provides a connected car experience in mid- and low-range cars by using the driver’s own smartphone. We were really pleased to be able to show that working in a Renault Twingo, a typical European “city car”, favoured by younger people who might usually choose to listen to streamed music in the car. We also worked with Les Indes Radios, an association of commercial broadcasters in France, and Radio France to make sure that more than 50% of the radio stations in Paris were delivering Project Logo information.

The result? An experience of broadcast radio (FM and DAB) that surprised and delighted everyone who jumped into the driver’s seat to try it. It’s simple, it’s reliable and it looks great. When you try it, you realise the difference hybrid radio makes. (You can look at all the photos and videos in this album).

Whilst the car was the star of the show, we also showed RadioDNS running on some of the 21m Samsung smartphones in Europe. The same information enables a great experience of FM radio on the smartphone too.

We’re confident that more broadcasters will start providing RadioDNS Hybrid Radio services as a result of seeing what can be done, and we’ll be taking this positive momentum to manufacturers to give the the confidence to include RadioDNS Hybrid Radio in even more cars, smartphones and radios in 2016.

Our special thanks go to Fabrice Pointet (Visteon), Matthieu Beauval (Radio France), Mathias Coinchon (EBU) and Frederik Stucki (RadioDays Europe) for helping out with the complex logistics of getting a car into our demonstrations.

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