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Guidelines for Metadata and Content

Nick Piggott 20th October 2016

We want listeners to have the best experience of broadcast radio, and we know broadcasters and manufacturers share very similar goals.

Last month we started an initiative to make it easier for broadcasters and manufacturers to understand how metadata and content provided using RadioDNS’ standards could be used.

We received some very valuable feedback, and as a result, we’ve renamed the document to become Guidelines for broadcaster supplied metadata and content for Broadcast Radio Services

The new name, and the quite significant revisions to the text, reflect that we’re trying to help establish a common ground for tacitly approved use, not restrict the use of metadata and content. We think our standards are useful tools for broadcasters and manufacturers, but using our tools doesn’t imply that broadcasters are also providing all of their metadata and content for entirely unrestricted use either. We’re looking for that pragmatic middle ground use which most people will agree to.

Comments are open until 4th November 2016.

You can comment in the discussion thread, or you can email the project office on feedback@radiodns.org

This is just one part of our mission to create an open hybrid radio system that can deliver innovation by combining broadcast radio and IP.

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