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iHeartMedia joins RadioDNS and increases our US representation

Nick Piggott 21st March 2017


I’m very pleased to announce that iHeartMedia, the media and entertainment company with the largest reach of any radio or TV outlet in America, is our second new member of 2017.

Our relationship with iHeartMedia starts near the founding of RadioDNS, when Jeff Littlejohn (Exec VP, Engineering and Systems Integration for iHeartMedia) was part of the group that oversaw the creation of our constitution, and they became the first US broadcaster to register their stations in DNS. We’ve continued to work with the company on understanding how an open standard like RadioDNS might exist in the US market, which has been invaluable.

Recently we’ve been working with iHeartMedia’s automotive team, connecting them with automotive manufacturers planning to implement RadioDNS in the US market. Getting their input around how they see radio in the connected car dashboard is valuable in shaping the implementation of our standards for the US market.

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