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Making it easier to discover station logos with RadioDNS

Nick Piggott 28th November 2018
RadioDNS Station logos in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We’re always here to answer questions about how to implement and use RadioDNS, and our most frequently asked question is

How do I find radio station logos using RadioDNS?

So we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to finding station logos. It’s not exhaustive, but it should get you familiar with how RadioDNS works.

Once you’ve walked through the example, and maybe tried with a couple of radio stations local to you, you need to remember to do two important things:

  • Read the official documentation. The walk-through covers the most common scenario, but make sure you cover them all properly, and take care of things like cache-control.
  • Remember that broadcasters still own the rights in their metadata, so you can’t use it just as you please. If they have a licence signalled in the “terms” attribute in their SI.xml file, read it and check you’re OK with their allowed usage. If they don’t, contact them, and ask if it’s OK. (Or contact us, and we’ll put you in contact with them).

We’re still developing our Standard Licence, which gives everyone certainty on how to use metadata. Update on that when it’s ready for you to look at.

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