TuneIn joins RadioDNS

Nick Piggott 22nd January 2020

Hybrid radio combines broadcast radio with metadata delivered over an Internet connection. Our open standards approach to hybrid radio means we’ve created standards for radio station metadata, which many radio stations around the world are implementing.

Whilst this standardisation is primarily intended for enabling hybrid radio, it has the byproduct of standardising the way that metadata can be exchanged between organisations. That standardisation speeds up data flow, makes it more accurate and reduces the cost of implementation.

TuneIn handle metadata from thousands of radio stations globally, and have done so for many years. Keeping track of changes is an increasingly complex task, and developing custom interfaces and processes equally so.

So we’re very pleased that TuneIn have decided to adopt our standards as a way of their partner stations providing metadata to them. As well as implementing our open standards, they’re supporting us by becoming a member. That support enables to grow hybrid radio faster.

Our membership reflects the diversity of the radio ecosystem – across continents, sectors and business models. We think that diversity is a strength as we enable not just hybrid radio, but help the entire sector evolve to meet new technology expectations.

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