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Audi launches MIB3 with RadioDNS in North America

Nick Piggott 14th May 2020

Audi lead the way with technology innovation in the connected car, and were the first automotive manufacturer to deliver hybrid radio into their connected cars. They’re longstanding members of RadioDNS, and we value working closely with them on the future of radio.

As hybrid radio grows globally, Audi have launched the latest version of their entertainment system (MIB3) into North America, which features RadioDNS Hybrid Radio as an integral part of the experience. You can watch Christian Winter (Development Engineer) from Audi explain Hybrid Radio as part of the NAB Express conference.

Our US Broadcaster members – iHeartMedia, Entercom, Cumulus, Beasley – are providing metadata using our standards, and we’re supporting them in expanding their coverage more.

If you’re a US broadcasters and would like to be showcased in the best possible way in vehicles with RadioDNS, start by having a look at our introduction pages.

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