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HRadio Delivers Excellence for Hybrid Radio

Nick Piggott 1st June 2020
HRadio Demonstration Information

HRadio is a European project to investigate what new radio experiences could be enabled by use of hybrid radio techniques. It’s had a fantastic set of partners working together across the continent. You should go have a look at their website.

We’re really pleased to have worked closely with the project members, and have had a place on the advisory board. The project have used our hybrid radio standards and extended them to create new functionality and new demos.

As part of their deliverables, all the code they have written has been made available in Github. We’ve taken their Java RadioDNS library and forked it into our Github repo, so that it’s easy to find along with the other open source code for implementing RadioDNS. If you’re building an Android app and want to implement RadioDNS, this Java library gives you almost everything you need to import into your project.

If you have an Android device, you can also install the HRadio Demo App by downloading it from the Google Play store. It’s a great way to experience radio.

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