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RadioDNS celebrates starting 2022 with more members, supporters and users

Rosie Kendrick 1st February 2022

RadioDNS starts 2022 with its 16th General Assembly (23rd February) and will be celebrating good news in every area of the project.

Our standards have been widely adopted by broadcasters, manufacturers and service providers, and are now proving valuable across the entire industry, not just hybrid radio. As hoped and intended, our standards are now part of commercial offerings which create differentiation and competition but without creating unnecessary implementation costs and complexities.

Nick Piggott, Project Director, said, “Anyone can implement our open standards without needing our involvement or agreement. That means they’re growing in use, both visible and invisible, across a growing number of areas of the radio industry globally. RadioDNS has established itself as a valuable and reliable resource.

Using RadioDNS is free. As a broadcaster or manufacturer, you can implement our standards directly, or you can work with a service provider who can provide your RadioDNS presence on your behalf.

At our 16th General Assembly, there will be presentations from broadcasters and manufacturers who have implemented RadioDNS (either directly, or with a partner), about how they’re using our standards and the benefits they see from engaging with hybrid radio. We’ll also be presenting our plans to develop hybrid radio functionality further in 2022.

If you are a member and would like to attend our General Assembly, please contact us.

RadioDNS has major broadcasters, major automotive manufacturers, automotive Tier 1 suppliers, and service providers as members, from Europe, North America and Australia. It’s a globally represented not-for-profit organisation.
To find out the benefits of membership of RadioDNS and how to become a member, head to our website www.radiodns.org/join

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