Twelveth General Assembly Agenda and Documents

Nick Piggott 15th January 2018

12th February 2017, 14:00 – 17:00

The strategy meeting for RadioDNS Members only.


Download the 12th General Assembly Master Presentation from the 12th General Assembly


These are the Draft Minutes of the 12th General Assembly.


Time Item
14:00 Welcome and round-table introductions
Walter Huijten, Chair
14:10 Members’ Business
Approve the Minutes of the Eleventh General Assembly
Review and Approve the Annual Accounts 2017
Result of the Steering Board Election
Ben Poor, Secretary
14:30 Steering Board 2017
Review the Steering Board’s 2017 activities
Nick Piggott, Project Director
15:00 Discussion and Questions on the 2017 Steering Board Activities
Round-table discussion
VOTE: Approval of the 2017 Steering Board decisions
Walter Huijten, Chair
15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 Strategy and Plans for 2018
Presentation of the Strategy
Presentation of the 2018 Plans, including the Technical Group Workplan
Nick Piggott, Project Director
Ben Poor, Technical Group Chair
16:20 Discussion and Questions on the Strategy and 2018 Plans
Round-table discussion
VOTE: Approval of the 2018 Plans
Walter Huijten, Chair
16:55 Any Other Business
17:00 Close


RadioDNS 12th General Assembly Presentation

Meeting Format

This is a round-table meeting for the members to discuss the direction of RadioDNS, and to ask questions of the Steering Board and Project Director.

Please keep the discussion to the room, and do not make public (for example: social media, blog posts).


Voting will be on a simple majority of those members attending the meeting, and casting their vote in person.

If you wish to provide a proxy vote, please email the Project Office (, who will ask the Chair to vote according to your instructions.

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