2018 Steering Board

Walter HUIJTEN (NPO) (Chair)
Ben POOR (EBU) (Secretary)
Kath BROWN (Commercial Radio Australia)
Joe D’ANGELO (Xperi)
Alexander ERK (IRT for ARD)
John FARRELL (Frontier Silicon)
Nacho SEIRUL-LO (NXP) (Appointed 12th February 2018)
Christian WINTER (AUDI)

2018 Steering Board Meetings

Steering Board Election 2018

The vacant seat on the Steering Board was filled by an election on 12th February 2018.

Nominations and Requirements

RadioDNS Members can nominate any individual to be elected to the Steering Board. Seats on the Steering Board are held by individuals, not organisations. That individual will become a Director of RadioDNS Limited, and will have to follow the Responsibilities for Company Directors under UK Law. (You do not have to be British to be a Director of a UK registered company).

Nomination Form