Register a Station with RadioDNS

Registering your stations with RadioDNS creates your DNS records

The DNS records create the link between your broadcasts and your presence on the Internet. It’s the starting point for all RadioDNS Hybrid Radio activities.

HOWTO – Register your station for RadioDNS Hybrid Radio explains in detail what you need to do to prepare for registration, and how to submit your registration request to us.

If you’re running into problems or want help understanding what to do, send us an email.


By requesting an entry in DNS, the radio station will appear in the RadioDNS supporters list unless specifically requested otherwise. Supporters have an interest in the RadioDNS project, and are supportive of the overall project aims; but appearance on this list is not a definitive commitment to launch any services.


The RadioDNS Project reserves the right charge an annual fee of circa US$10 per station, to cover the costs of running the DNS server. This cost has never been charged, is currently waived and there are no plans to introduce it.

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