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These terms are applicable to metadata and content provided or referenced to by documents specified in TS 102 818 Service and Programme Information.

RadioDNS is not a party to these terms. They are provided only as a template that two parties can refer to.

Why Standard Terms?

These Terms can be reviewed by manufacturers to make sure they are using metadata and content in the right way. If they do, then they know they can use any metadata or content offered under this licence, which avoids an otherwise impossible task of reviewing terms from many broadcasters.

  • If you are a broadcaster then adopting these Terms means your content and metadata is more likely to be used.
  • If you are a manufacturer then following these Terms gives you the widest access to metadata and content.

Carefully read these Guidance Notes and review the exact legal text before you adopt these Terms.

The Guidance Notes are provided as an assistance and do not replace the legal text. The legal text is always binding on both parties.

Guidance for Content Providers

Are these Terms appropriate for you?

There are several important points you should consider before you offer your metadata and content under these Terms:

  • You should have the worldwide rights to distribute metadata and content you’re offering or linking to in your SI file. That includes logos, podcasts, images and streams.
  • If you do have content that must be restricted (for example, streams outside a country), you are responsible for applying the restriction on your own distribution system.
  • Your content won’t be changed, but it may be adapted within certain limits to fit displays.
  • You must have and offer the right to allow the content to be cached (temporarily stored) by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer won’t contact you directly to agree these terms.
  • If a manufacturer doesn’t follow these Terms, it is your responsibility to contact them directly. RadioDNS is not involved with monitoring or controlling use.
  • You should provide all your metadata and content as described by the relevant technical standards.

How to adopt these Terms

If you want and are able to offer metadata and content under these terms, you should add the following attribute to the serviceInformation element of your SI.xml file. It must be exactly this text


to specify version 1.0 of these Terms.

Guidance for Manufacturers

Are these Terms appropriate for you?

There are several important points you should consider before you use metadata and content under these Terms:

  • The way you acquire and display the content and metadata must be by using the RadioDNS Technical Standards listed in the Terms. You cannot apply these Terms to metadata or content you have acquired through other means.
  • If you use a third party provider to acquire and/or manage metadata or content, they must also follow these Terms.
  • The Terms explain how you can adapt metadata or content to display to users, but you cannot change or add to the metadata or content.
  • You must follow the relevant technical standards when processing the metadata and content.
  • If you don’t follow these Terms, the broadcast/content provider may contact you and ask you to stop using their content or metadata, along with other consequences.

How to agree these Terms

If you use the metadata and content in accordance with these terms, you may do so without explicit agreement. You should check the presence of a terms attribute in the serviceInformation element of the SI.xml file, and that terms attribute must include this exact URL. (The terms attributes may include others URLs, separated by spaces, which can be ignored).


Version History

These are the versions of the Radio Metadata Terms of Use

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